About Watchcat and WiFi lost

Hi everyone:
So I’m working on a project that needs a group of arduinos working on a factory, connected to WiFi 24/7 sending readings from the machines sensors to a server. The arduino is powered by the machine itself, so eventually when the machine is turned off the same happened to the arduino obviously, and the disconnection was handled by the server.

The thing is I noticed after a time, that some arduinos that I assume were off, wasn’t, they were working fine (I set a led that flashes while getting inputs from a sensor so I could know the code was working), but it seems like the network was lost (no ping response or anything). That happens very randomly and I can´t know exactly how many time passed the arduino was turned on until the disconnection since the machines are constantly getting on and off for maintenance and other stuff.

After reading in the forum and seeing that wifi drop can be usual, I read about an app called Watchcat that can reboot the network side of the arduino (or only wifi, not sure), and I think that would be great for the problem I facing, but after installing and setting it up, I would like to know if it is really working, but I’m not sure how. I thought I would see something different in the Luci Status section in the Network Uptime, like whenI reboot the network in the “Network” section, but everything seems to be the same as before.

I’m attaching some SS to show my Watchcat settings and the Status that I expected to show something different after seting it up.

Thank’s in advance!