Absolute beginner question

I've been looking into Arduino for a week or so, and I get a lot of idea's. As I'm new, and before I start buying stuff that doesn't work, I would like to have some advice on the following idea :

I would like to make a wakeup module with :

  • Arduino BT (to tell my PC in another room to start playing music)
  • LCD keypad shield for displaying the time, and setting alarm time
  • Velleman K8064 for dimming the light

The practical question is : when using shield, can I still connect the Velleman dimmer ? Or can't those two things be combined ?

Thanks in advance.


I do not know which specific shield you refer to. But usually shields are stackable. All the LCD shields I know of do not require all pins. So there should be at least one pin left. The dimmer will be satisfied with one pin.

So this should work.

Cheers, Udo