Absolute newbie...

Hi, I am Jim aged 57 and living on the Isle of Wight. I have just returned to model making and started experimenting with LEDs. My next project will be the Revell USS Voyager and instead of just wiring up some LEDs I would like to do something different.

I have wired LEDs and can just about work out resistors...I have no experience whatsoever with using microprocessors...

My plan is to use a Arduino mega as it has 54 pins and I will probably need a shift register. It will take roughly 60 LEDS to complete, and I believe that I should be using one LED per pin?

I am planning to have eight different groups, i.e. Strobes, Navigation, Nacelles, interior, etc. I would like to control each of the groups with a IR remote one push on and one push off.

I am happy to learn the necessary coding and experiment until I get it right, at this stage I just want to know if I am on the right tracks or is there a different way to control and power the LEDS

Thanks for any advice anyone is able to give

Kind regards


Google "Charlieplexing" and you may be able to use something a little smaller.

Hi, I am Jim aged 57

You are just old enough to join the group.
Youngsters like you are welcome!

Suggest you use a strip of of neopixels instead of individual LEDs.

These come in 3 different spacings.

You only need one pin on the Arduino.

Each pixel can be controlled individually and can be set to 65536 colours.


Thank you,

I am looking at them now..makes sense

Thanks once again for answering