Absolutely NOOBish Question.... ATMega328P Required? Don't laugh

....uh... Is the ATMega328P chip required to upload to an UNO? I'm guessing yes. And no, I am not being sarcastic, just a complete and total noob....

(Don't worry, you can laugh...)


The 328 is the Uno.

You need PC computer to upload a sketch to your UNO.

One of the items you will need is a MCU (micro controller unit) that is compatible with the Arduino IDE.

An Uno is a Arduino IDE compatible unit.

There are other MCU's based upon different processors that are, also compatible with the Arduino IDE. I use ESP32's, they are mostly compatible with the Arduino IDE and they are not Uno's.

Could it be a Diecimila with the 168 chip?

Is this a continuation of Cannot Upload Sketch on Old Uno

But then it wouldn't be, you know, a Uno

The large 16 (?) pin socket in the middle of the board (I believe the microcontroller?) doesn't have a chip in it. The old project was used for a motor controller and is in that project. So.... (again, you can laugh) it needs the chip? :grin:

Oh, and yes, this is the continuation... Sorry about the double post.

You are out of luck.


You need the chip.

Oh. HaHaHeHeHoHo.

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Yeah, seriously..... As I said.... noob. It dawned on me that MAY be important. Gtk.

Thanks all. :smiley:

I do have the chip, just not installed. But I couldn't figure out why I had an out of sync error. No chip to sync to. Errrrr.... Oh well.

Miracle upon miracle... I pop the chip in and it works. SMH.

Thanks all!

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