AC (-2.5v to 2.5v) to DC (0v to 5v)?

Hello, I have a really simple question. I want to read an AC voltage (from -2.5v to 2.5v) from an arduino input pin. I know that I cannot just plug it into the pin since the negative voltage will most likely damage the board. I tried googling and read that a have to shift the voltage so that 0v becomes 2.5v. I read that I have to use 2 resistors and a capacitor but I don't know what values to use and how to arrange the schematic.

Thanks in advance!! Tyler

The question might be simple, but the answer depends on a number of details. In some cases you can do it with a capacitor and two resistors, but there are other approaches. What is the AC frequency? What is the nature of the AC source (is it a transformer)?

Two 100K resistors, wire AC to cap to junction of resistors, to Arduino input. Resistors make a 2.5V level, cap lets your AC signal wiggle the level up & down.

Basically making a high pass filter with the cap & resistor Can play with cap value to see how much the signal will be affected.