Ac Adapter 12v & 5v supply -Will this Explode?

Hey guys.

So straight into it. - - Motor 12v dc

I have one of this which i'm hoping to salvage for a project.

  • Product name: 12V 5v 5 pin power supply
  • Input voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 12v 1.5a and 5v 1.5a output.
  • Output voltage: 12V DC and 5v DC

I have a 12v dc motor, arduino uno plus a adafruit motor shield.

Wanting to power the Arduino off the 5v and the motor of course off the 12v.

Electronics are not my strong point - i have my code set up and a working prototype, its just time to beef it up.

Am i on the right track or should i have a fire extinguisher handy?

The link to the motor details does not work so I have no idea how many amps it would require.

The power supply must be able to provide more amps than the motor requires.

If you want to power an Arduino from 5v you will need to connect directly to the 5v pin which means bypassing all the protection circuitry. It may be wiser to drive it, also, from the 12v supply - assuming there are plenty of amps for the Arduino + motor. DO NOT power the motor through the Arduino.


Hey Robin2

Thats the right link sadly nothing about amps. on there.

i was planning on powering the arduino with the 5v supply and them separately powering the dc motor through the jack on my shield. having 1 plug instead of 2.

I think I would be happier with a 4 or 5 amp supply. Motors can draw a lot of current at startup or if they stall even if their average current is a lot lower.

But that is just a wild guess.


Cheers for that Robin.

Worked fine - no explosion.

That being said my proper motor arrived... yeah 24v volt and not the 12v i wanted.

Its a stepper with 6 wires which is now sending me off track.

Wires are
White : A+
Blue : free
Green : A-
Yellow : B+
Black : free
Red - B-

Currently wired is :
white in M4 +
Green in M4 -
nothing in gnd
Red in M3+
Yellow in M3 -

is this correct? I have quickly hooked up my 12v supply and it runs.. of course the IC2 chip gets hot hot hot. will the 24v supply stop this or do i need a second shield?

Six-wire stepper motors are usually the same as 4-wire motors but with an extra connection to the centre of each coil. Just ignore the wires that connect to the centres - don't connect them to anything.

If you want advice about wiring make a pencil drawing of the connections and post a photo of it. Verbal descriptions are too easy to misunderstand.


Nm i got it :slight_smile:

Except one key thing.. yeah .. popped a transistor on the motor shield.. any recommendations for running a 24V motor?

In your first post you said you are using a DC motor so it did not occur to me to give you this link to stepper motor basics

A motor shield is a poor choice for driving a stepper motor. Use a specialized stepper motor driver - most of them are fine with voltages up to 30+ volts and many can go much higher than that.

As you have not posted a link to the datasheet for your motor I can't make specific suggestions.