AC Fan motor speed controlled from arduino...

I have a 220v motor metal blade fan for transferring hot air into the room from my stove.

I open and close the fan from an arduino when the temperature is above 50celcius.
the question is , Is there a solution in order to drive this fan with PWM?

the specs of the fan

A quick thought is to use this Motor speed driver
and connected to a the arduino with a RFP30N06LE MOSFET

In principle, there are two basic ways to control the speed of an AC motor.

You can give it an AC power supply which has a different frequency., and the speed of the motor will follow the frequency of the power supply which you give it.

Or, you can change the voltage. Changing the voltage does not fundamentally change the speed which the motor is trying to achieve. However, it weakens the power of the motor, which means it is less able to overpower the air which the fan connected to the motor is trying to blow, which means the fan and the motor will run more slowly. Truncating the power cycle will also have the similar effect to changing the voltage.

So i will have to find a workaround , there is no standard way to do it?