Ac fan speed control

I am in the planning stages of building a meat smoker that will have a 120v 12w ac fan controlled by an arduino using
PID. The fan will blow air onto charcoal the increase temp. (Temps picked up through thermocouple) if I use a SSR it is either on or off but I'm wanting the fan to adjust speed Instead of pulsing. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to control the speed or am I thinking too much into it? Itll also have a 120v heating element that I'm wanting to use as a fail safe so that if the charcoal would run out the heating element will take over. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

Did you do a forum search?

I did.

Controlling the speed of an AC fan is not as easy as a DC fan, but it can be done.

You need to look at phase cutting for speed control.

You can get a rotary light dimmer at walmart for $6 and maybe rotate the knob with a servo.