AC load connection with Solid State Relay

Hi all,

Recently I plan to design time trigger control system using Arduino Uno and Solid State Relay. The datasheet for SSR:

Now I'm not very sure how is the connection for AC load to SSR. Should I connect to live wire or neutral wire?

And also is this SSR able to withstand high startup motor current?

Thanks for help.

The SSR would normally be in the active line as you would with any other switch.

It would handle a surge current but how much depends on the device being switched.

What are you switching?


Switching the neutral alone is unsafe. You either switch just live, or both live and neutral (which can also be unsafe if the switch sticks half-way, leaving live connected and neutral unconnected!)

If you disconnect neutral the entire circuit is live yet appears not to be powered, the first step in an avoidable chain-of-events potentially leading to electrocution.