Ac power adapter

I’m currently working on a laser turret project and I plan on using ac power adapters to power my servos. However, I’m torn on whether I should use 5v 1A or 5v 2A. What’s the difference? And will 2A be too powerful?

Use 5v @2A.

Or 3Amps plus better still.

The hardware takes what it needs.

We never have enough amps for our projects. :wink:

And will 2A be too powerful?

With power supply's the issue of being able to provide more electrical current than necessary is usually only a question of prize, physical size and energy efficiency. Contrary to voltage where too much tends to destroy your electronics.

On the other hand when the power supply cannot provide the electrical current needed, best case your circuit does not work, worst case the power supply is destroyed. Again contrary to voltage where too little usually means your circuit does not work.

The product of voltage in Volt times current in Ampere gives you the electrical power in Watt. 5V x 1A = 5W or 5V x 2A = 10W
Your power supply must provide more power than you use but not voltage. That only leaves the current rating.

Budget 1A per servo for the smallest servos, much more for large high torque ones. You didn’t say
what servos or how many - all such details are crucial to giving meaningful answers.

You probably need a lot more than you think you do, 95% of issues here people have with servos is
insufficient power.

Between one amp and two amps as far as a wall wart there isn't much price difference. Using Amazon I can buy a 5 or 6 volt 5 amp power supply for under $12 USD including getting it to me. Figure future projects will maybe want more power so don't skimp as more is better than not having enough and a project will only consume what it needs. :slight_smile: