AC power measurements

hi guy

i have porject to measure the AC power in base sataion of communication system (BTS) so i was looking for method to calculation the power factor.

I found Two ways:

1- three voltmeter method. like in this link :

or using crossing detector to calculator the difference time between voltage / current signals then using math with the frequency to find the power factor.

any advice. any one run any project like this before might share here so I can know more about those methods.


any one know high voltage AC sensors name for the first method.

This is not a trivial project - and you can buy such devices cheaply on ebay…



Why do you want to calculate the power factor.

Yeah... If I needed very-accurate power/energy measurements I'd probably buy one. But if you want to build one, check out [u]OpenEnergryMonitor.Org[/u].

And if I was building something for "home use", I'd just measure current. If the power is coming from a power utility (in a modern country) the frequency is super-accurate, the voltage is very-close to nominal and stable, and if you're not running motors the power factor is very close to 1.0. That leaves current as the only unknown.

my project recommend that i want to know the power factor in the BTS equipment.

it's what they asked form me .

i know i can buy a device but i want to build it with arduino.

so can I measure the power factor or not

Do you need to do power factor correction like here? (more information needed).

amm it's something like that i will tell you what imagine that you have a supply lane with 220 v or 380 v single phase inter a big load

Its good to know the application. Reducing KVAR to lower electric bills? (still guessing)