AC Power Relay Question?

I want to try to use my arduino diecimila to control an AC power relay to control a humidifier.

I know I can get and wire an SSR and use it with the arduino, but does anyone know of any existing components to do this?

What I'd really like to be able to do is buy a component that I can plug my humidifier into, which plugs into the wall, with wires coming out for the arduino to trigger.

Does such a component exist? I don't really like the idea of cutting up the humidifier's power wire, etc, and I was really hoping to be able to plug in some kind of pre-existing module (like an x10 module, but with wires to control when the relay switches on/off).

Thanks in advance, Jim

I'd actually rip apart the humidifier and tinker with its control circuits. Let it deal with the 240v (or 120v) and you just need to override its control circuitry.

Alternatively you could dismantle one of those electronic timers that you plug devices in to trigger at certain times.

Jim, this may not be quite what you are seeking but it may be worth a look:

It’s a remote controlled relay that will switch 7 amps 240v or 10 amps at 110v (at least that’s whats marked on the internal relay). You could connect it to the arduino by wiring the wireless remote controller to arduino pins.

The wireless controller comes with a tiny 12v battery but the datasheet indicates that it could be powered from a 5v supply. The datasheet for the controller chip is here: . There are four switch inputs, on my controller pulsing one switch turns the relay on and another turns it off.

Cost is just over $8 shipped from China.

Just an SSR on any digital pin will work, to be safe use a 220ohm resistor.

I've used this to control AC and it works well. Mine is a D2425-10