AC signal... decoding problem

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to copy the signal from a remote control an air conditioner to reproduce and retransmit it with the help of ArduinoUno rev.3. Trying the various libraries are riusciuto to retransmit the signal of the remote control of the TV, decoder and conditioner brand Aermec. The problem I have it on an air conditioner Delonghi. I have read on the Arduino's forum and this forum, that the problem could be given by the excessive length of the signal. I made several attempts, I analyzed the spectrum with AnalysIR ... but I can not reproduce the same signal. Some of you could give me some advice? I would be interested just send the signal ON / OFF, nothing else. I hope in you!

Thank you very much!

PS Sorry for my poor English!!!!!!

I can be very hard to capture that and retransmit it.
Can you buy a (used) remote control and use the Arduino to control the remote control ?

Meanwhile, thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately, it is a project that requires the use of a device that is not the remote ... I would, if possible, to be able to use Arduino copying the signal and returning it to command ... you think it's impossible?

thank you very much

, I analyzed the spectrum with AnalysIR

email me a copy of the session/history file and I will take a look for you.