Accel+Gyro+Baro+Mag sensor

I have one of these
Does anyone know how to wire it up or in what form the data is sent?

The board contains three seperate chips: MPU6050, BPM085 and HMC5883.
You can connect to the chips via I2C. The I2C is 5V compatible, so it will work with an Arduino Uno.

Which Arduio board are you using ?

For the Arduino Uno:
Vin to the 5V pin of the Arduino Uno.
SDA to SDA or pin A4.
SCL to SCL or pin A5.

After that, run the i2c_scanner to see if all three chips are detected.

I think that board doesn't have a pulldown for the AD0 of the MPU-6050. You can connect G_AD0 to GND.