acceleration board !

Well i’m looking for an acceleration board, more exactly something to detect board’s slope on Z axe.

the product exists and come from here (sorry in french) but the board is quite expensive (80 euros) for a 20 bucks arduino :’(

i’ve found that (sorry it’s in french again) this board is cheaper (the piece at 25 euros) but i’m not sure this is the good board and if it’s “use-able” with the arduino !

any help would be great.
Know an other board ?




that 3D accelerometer will work fine. It is kind of an upgrade of the one in 2D we use in our examples, it is just having 3 axis instead of only 2.

About other boards, the chip itself is cheap, it is only that it is a pain in the *** to solder the chip on a board if you don’t have the proper equipement. Therefore the options you present here are pretty good.


PS. we are thinking about creating our own line of even cheaper accelerometer sensors because we think is ridiculous the price people are giving to this sensor in the web-shops. But it will take at least 2 months until we have things done (it requires a lot of economical investment to get things manufactured at cheap prices) … so far I recommend you to get the one you show, it is a very good choice

thanks for your help David.

i’m waiting you cheap board impatiently.

I love your idea of cheap sensors for cheap board.