Accelerometer Arduino Interfacing

I’m looking into using the Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout - ADXL345 to measure accelerations using an arduino. Does anybody know if I could use a simple analogRead() command to get the analog output from this device and then calibrate it using the voltage output to obtain accelerations?

That accelerometer, at least in that breakout does not seem to have analog output. The board has the SPI and I2C interfaces, but no analog, so the answer is "no".

Do you know of any accelerometers I can use with arduino that read 9g's or more and have a simple analog output?

This one does:

It's a two-axis 18G analog accelerometer. On a breakout board, this is a pretty straightforward choice.

There are a LOT of other choices as well, if you're willing to solder a surface mount chip to a SOIC-DIP adapter board (or to work directly with SOIC surface mounted chips). I've soldered two of them, and while it was a bit difficult, it wasn't too bad, it cut the cost in half, and they both work.