Accelerometer controlled processing game

As a school project we created this game. It´s built with an accelerometer to measure the tilt of your hand to control your character and whenever you are hit by a dislike, we have a motor that vibrates as physical feedback. Hope you like it as much as we loved building it.:slight_smile:

This is the setup of the gaming glove you use in the game.

That's cool, man! I made a similar project recently. Check it out: Arduino & Processing - Game Controller (TUTORIAL) - YouTube

Cool! When we started with the project, before we came up with the concept of using a like hand, we thought about doing it with a rather similiar control as you did, but with a ultrasonic distance sensor instead:)

What's the servo/motor for? Vibration?

Btw, nice project :wink:

Yepp, the servo is for vibration. I know there are better motors to use for vibration, but for the this school project we were given a servo motor to use. It actually worked better for vibration than I expected.

If you have some old cellphone, or some old Play Station Joystick, you can take it from those :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the one from the play are too big perhaps, but the others would work perfectly :wink:

Are you "smoothing" the input reads?

Actually I am not sure if the input reads are being "smoothed" when the video was filmed(doesn't really look very smooth in the video when I look at it now). We had a tight time frame, so either the filming took place before I added smoothing or the accelerometer isn't correctly placed in the glove at the time of the filming. :slight_smile:

I have a lot of old "crap" like old cellphones somewhere, I just might take a look and see what I can find.:slight_smile:

This is how and old Nokia ended after some minutes in my hands.

There you can see the vibrator motor :wink: