Accelerometer Dependent Vibration Motor with Battery

Hi! I’m completely new to this whole world and want some general guidance on what I need for my project.

The Project:
I want to make a vibration motor activate dependent upon accelerometer readings.

Low Goal:
Ability to activate a vibration motor in a rhythmic manner. There will be a power on/off switch with a rechargeable Lipo battery and once on, a manual activation/deactivation of the vibration motor.

High Goal:
All included in the low goal but motor activation mainly being dependent upon accelerometer readings. If the readings will be processed and if they meet a threshold, will activate set vibration. Its a “high goal” because I’m not sure I can set the right algorithm up for this particular project.

My Understanding:
I need a programmable micro-controller, if no accelerometer then one to attach, a 3V disk motor vibrator, an attachable 3.7V lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery, a charging port.

My understanding is limited so any help is much appreciated :)! Thanks!


Hey! I have exactly the same situation. I was wondering if you had finally found out how to solve it?