accelerometer digital sensor adxl345 issue

I have a problem with my arduino uno , it reads zeros when i read from accelerometer adxl345 i don't know why >>>>>> another question are you have any source to learn any thing i want from it easlyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially this sensor !!!!!!!! thanx :~

if any one have the code and know a link that illustrate every function in the code (i2c functions ) please give me it >>>

Your best friend

(What's wrong with your keyboard?)

i have no problem with my key board , the problem may be in the code ( the address for example ) acan't understand the i2c functions so i can't debug it >>>>>>>

the problem may be in the code

You're absolutely right. Probably.

(I really think there is something wrong with your keyboard - it keeps doing stuff like


and this