accelerometer display

re-entering electronics after 40 years, so bear with an old newbie, PLEASE !! I wish to attach a ADXL335 3 axis accelerometer to a ball cap and measure motion of my head in real time. I envision getting different resultant combinations or patterns for different activities such as eating, brushing teeth, listening to music, etc. What is a relatively inexpensive data logging or oscilloscope setup to capture and record these activities over time? Can this data be put into MS excel ?

Sounds like maybe a project with wearable arduino :D

adafruit has wearable arduinos that are small and could be connected with conducting thread. But if you don't mind crazy wires running up your head you can use regular arduinos also. Arduino has EEPROM that you can store data in and retain data until you connect to PC and download.

Have noted arduino with data logger shield and SD card. It is not real time, but will accept if this is all that is available. Is there a reasonable display software package to be able to get a visual of how the 3 axis traces interact?

You mean representing your data (after you acquire them) on a computer? I'm not sure but lots of people use Processing. It's a sister project to Arduino. It's very good for visualization.