accelerometer MMA7455

Hi to everybody,

I have ti make out I am novice in C programming and C++ as well. Can someone show me the wiring diagram between accelerometer "MMA7455" and arduino DUE according the code shown in the fopllowing webpage?


It is an i2c device. You connect the power, ground, i2c clock and i2c signal wires to the appropriate pins on your arduino.

What does it mean? sorry. I coopyed the code from the arduino, now I should see the data in the Serial monito, but ecerytime I do it I receive only x=0, y=0, z=0, why?

The code that I am considering is shown in the website page:

When I run it it returns the erro message also

"Check Wire connection"

Please help me

The I2C scanner program can and should be used to check if your connections to the accelerometer are correct.

it tells me that:

No I2C devices found

please help me, I respected the connection on the document of parallax at

Which actual MMA7455 module do you have ? There are several different ones, and at least one module appears to have unlabelled pins.

You will need to get a sucessful response from the i2c_scanner sketch, before you worry too much about what to do next.

I have Arduino DUE, the acccelerometer is

does exist an expert to solve my problem???

I am noviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

just one expert that gives me the instruction step byu step!!

Assuming that your accelerometer is functional, it is possible that there is no "expert" who has your exact model of accelerometer board, a DUE, experience successfully hooking the two together, participates in this forum and is willing to help. In that case, you are on your own. Read up on how to connect and work with I2C devices first.

Well, you need to connect that device to your arduino properly. Read the instructions.

According to the parallax instructions, that device will work with 3.3V and 5V arduinos. You connect the Vin pin on the module to the 3.3V output of your arduino ( I am assuming here that the Due has one, I don't know ).

You connect the ground to the ground. You connect the CS pin to the Vin pin, so it also gets 3.3V, so you use I2C not SPI.

You connect pin 7 to the I2C data pin of your arduino, whatever that is. SDA ( or something like that ).
You connect pin 8 to the I2C clock pin of your arduino, whatever that it. SCL

The two interrupt pins int1 and int2, you don't need to connect.

You need to consider how the pull-up to 3.3V is working for the two I2c communication lines. May be on the Due ( I don't ), or on the module, or you may need 2 resistors to do it yourself.

Now load and run the i2c_scanner sketch, it should detect the device.

After you have got the I2c to detect the device, then you can start to worry about reading it.

There are detailed instructions here, which you should have read.

You can use SPI instead, which means you don't need to worry about the stupid pull-up resistors, but the program code is a bit more obscure.

You will also need to read the documentation for the freescale chip, which will explain how to use it.

Thank You very much to the guys of Arduino Forum but I didn’t solve the problem, can someone send me the connection with SPI mode to arduino Due? Let’s see what happen without resistor.

There is a very clear diagram in the Parallax document for the module, showing you how to connect it.

I don't know what pins the Due uses for I2c. Is google broken in your country ?

Try this. Google " Due I2C " and look at the first 20 web pages that appear.

Guys I have seen in google something of strange, Arduino DUE does have problem with I2C!!!!!

I have Arduino DUE, the acccelerometer is

(please verify the pin connections)
pin 6(CS) to any digital pin(i use pin 22)
pins 7 and 8 to 20,21 -->DATA(SDA) and SCK(SCL)
pin 5 to ground
pin 1 to 3.3V

you must set the pin connected to CS as high for the I2C config to work. (Do this on I2C tester also)
pinMode(22, OUTPUT);

Update your Wire lib to this.Fix for Due Wire library · bluesign2k/Arduino@d8d6d62 · GitHub

Got it working on I2C but I am still stuck on getting reliable data...

Hope it helps