accelerometer/ neopixels CODE

Hello World,
I am looking for programming assistance for orientation driven neopixels (for now just x axis)

Board: FLORA
Accelerometer: LSM303
neopixels: Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel version 2

I have tested the LSM303 and the pixels and all work great.
I think the x-axis can be read and used for the "hue" in the HSL color wheel...Then, those numbers need to be converted from HSL to RGB and sent to pixels..

There should also be some smoothing (I think) from the raw data..

The goal is to have the colors change smoothly red through purple from 270 Degrees to 45..

I am on a tight budget but please let me know if interested.

Many thanks

Can email or message me privately.

No interested helpers? Is this too hard or too easy?

I guess I'll as back in programming section...