Accelerometer recognising foot movements. Help needed

Hi everyone,

I am a bonafide newbie when it comes to electronics and arduino. I am looking for general advice or tutorials or past project that might help me get where I want.

As part of a project I have recently started I need to programme an ardunio uno to collect and compare the readings off an accelerometer with a pre-determined range of motion. this will then communicate with the user through an LCD that the movement was either “good” or “bad”. For the moment I will only be reading off the X axis.

For example, if the motion equals <224= “bad”. if >224= “good”.


Any help welcome

if the motion equals <224

Less than 224 what? Furlongs per fortnight? What unit of measure is motion?

An accelerometer measure acceleration, not motion. You need to integrate once to get velocity, then integrate again to get distance.