Accelerometer (Sampling rate = Bandwidth???)


I'm reading the Analog Devices accelerometer pdf and I'm a bit confused.

What I want is to be able to read the accelerometer analog data as quickly as possible. I want to know when it goes to 0g (stops) as fast as possible (or every 1-5 milliseconds... that would be fast enough).

My question: What is the "sampling rate" of the accelerometer? In other words, how many times a second does it send out its acceleration readings? Does it depend of Cx and Cy? (I only need one direction... so I guess getting dual axis is fine)

Does it have to do with the "Bandwidth" they talk about. Is the "Bandwidth" another word for sampling rate?

I'm a noob, so I don't know much. I'm hoping accelerometers can be accurate to within a millisecond or two. In other words, if it comes to a stop, the arduino would be able to read that it came to a stop within a millisecond or two or three...


Never mind... Dimension Engineering explains everything on their site:

Nice job Dimension Engineering!