accelerometer + sound

hi there

im totally confused and my brain is near to explode.

Is there no tutorial how to program a accelerometer to a soundboard???

hardware: Arduino Nano with an dfrobot mini mp3 player / Accelerometer is an tripple axis MPU6050

I was looking almost the whole day but i found nothing useful in the internet.

Or is this type of programming very difficult?

It should only play one sound when i swing and one for a clash. To connect each to the other is no problem.
I am looking only for a Guide.

Con somebody help me?


Is there no tutorial how to program a accelerometer to a soundboard

Probably not. But there is enough information about an accelerometer, so get that bit going first. When you get the range of signals it will give then use that to trigger the sounds you want.

Like all projects take it one step at a time and put together bits you know about.

You may want to check this thread out by jakesoft:

I've been sorting the hardware end for my saber electronics first and even designed some circuit artwork to make custom PCBS for it (I've made them available and attached a link on page 3) as I've been into electonics for a while and finally got to a point whare I've started looking into coding and microcontrollers.

Good advice there grumpy_mike, small steps n all that :)

As mentioned, I can't code yet but there must be a way to use the accelerometer's range values.

I'm hoping to find a way to use them to pitch bend the blade hum loop to match the speed of the blade. Say between 2 and 4g for swing pitching and just use the 6g for clashes. Might mean more coding but there would be less memory taken up by audio samples.

Ok alright this will be a long journey i see.... thank you... lets take a deep breath am jump into it.

Have a good one gentleman