Accelerometer triggering sound

Hi! I'm studying product design and for my current project I would need a products sound to be altered by the amount of degrees that the product is tilted. I've tinkered a bit with soldering and raspberry pi but that's pretty much it.

The specific function I want is a feedback in the form of sound connected to a accelorometer, so my product gives the user feedback whether the product is leveled or not. My idea is some kind of tone that changes pitch to communicate the balancing of the product. Does anyone here know if this has to be a big project or if i could use some existing code/solution for this function?

If anyone just has a direction to point me in I'd be grateful!

It's a relatively easy thing to do.

Accelerometer sends input to the arduino and based on that input, there is a signal sent to a speaker.

Any signal input can be set to output a simple digital signal.

Thanks for the quick response! I've found some guides on how to connect and program an accelerator together with the arduino, and I think I'll manage to combine that with a sound-generator tutorial to get my wanted result.