Accelerometer wireless communication in cars (North NJ/NYC)

I'm curious if it is possible/relatively simple to do the following: connect a 3-axis accelerometer (attached to a Arduino board, say the Uno R3) wirelessly to another board or computer?

I was thinking about using an Uno R3 with an ADXL345 (or similar accelerometer) with the XBee shield and series 1 module (SparkFun models) on the sending unit. and either the XBee Explorer (with module) for the computer connection, or another microcontroller and XBee shield attached with either flash memory or an SD card as well as a GPS shield (with an EM406 receiver).

The application calls for sending accelerometer data (high-G's) from a specific point in a car to a receiving unit that can store the G loads and GPS position, or transmit it to a computer.

Is programming this possible? If you say yes, anyone want to help out with this project from start to finish? I'll give you a cookie (okay, 2).