Accelerometer / Wireless / Maxuino / Feasibility & Hardware

Hi! I'm working on a project for school and I wanted to know the hardware needed, because I'm kind of overwhelmed with all the parts, and shields and specs... Hope you can help...

*I want to be able to tell when a glass is moved, and what is the acceleration, direction and inclination of this glass. So far so good. I know that I can do it with an arduino, and an accelerometer. The problems are:

  1. I want to be able to get this data wirelessly to my computer (or another arduino, or any other device capable of transmitting it to max msp / arduino / maxuino... ) and I'm not sure what kind of component would work better (xbee? bluetooth device? any other choices?) and with what board (micro? nano? mini?) and it's quite tricky because of the fact that I'm just a beginner, and because of the size, which is issue number 2.

  2. This arduino/accelerometer/wifidevice would be placed inside of a small glass, Let's say that I have, tops, 4 x 3 cms for this device, battery included :( To me this looks really bad... besides, I don't have enough funds to just buy all kinds of boards and components to make tests...

  3. The third part here would be the accelerometer. I just want to be able to measure the above mentioned. Imagine a regular person drinking from a regular glass, or maybe a bit slower. What kind of accelerometer range do you think it would be required?

Any other "out of the box" solutions will be appreciated. Thank you for your time, hope anyone can help.