I am programming for two stepper motors and arduino uno. I haven't yet seen any examples of changing the motor position in degrees. I want to move each motor by different increments at the press of a button. Specifically, motor 1 needs to move about 14 degrees followed by motor 2 moving 180 degrees. Any chance of getting away with that?

Any chance of getting away with that?

Yes. You KNOW how many steps it takes your stepper to rotate 360 degrees, so rotating a specific number of degrees is simple math to calculate the number of steps.

Thanks for the fast reply, yes it is simple math and yes I know the steps per revolution, but, I had to know if it would respond to an instruction in degrees mostly to know if the board would do the math -

AccelStepper only does steps. If you want degrees (or inches or meters) you must do the conversion to steps in your code.

Thanks -