Access local COM port on other devices, through WebEditor

I would love to hook an Arduino up to my stationary computer, and upload/test sketches on it using my laptop, wirelessly.

1. Connect an Arduino to a computer, login to Web Editor, and select COM port.
2. Login to Web Editor on secondary computer, upload, test and use serial monitor as if you were on the first computer.

Now that we have the Web Editor, this should be a possibility?
I guess there would be some communication and security issues though.


You’re welcome on behalf of my exellent photoshop skills.

In short NO for most boards.

However if you have something like a YUN that has an IP address then YES.
Or if you know how to use VPN's and/or RDP then YES.

But given the your photoshop skills did not extend to much more than a very brief synopsis, thats the best I can give. Maybe more text less picture ?

BTW you could add your thoughts to the WISH LIST thread now its in the correct place.