Access/reprogram circuit board data?

hey, i have no idea where to ask this, but i was wondering if there's any way to acess the data store on this pcb? and actually change/reprogram it?
its a simple soundboard :slight_smile: if anyone knows a different place i can ask this ill really appreciate it!

Everything is in PROM in the chip. I assume there is also a little RAM. It is not possible to make an interface to the chip or read or change something. The chip is manufactured to do just what it needs to do.

I used one of these in my project Crazy Golf

I interfaced it to a stand alone Arduino like circuit. They are very easy to control with direct connection to the 5V output pins.

See that black blob, that is the encapsulation of a PCB mounted single bare chip.

So sorry there is no way to get the data out of it, other than to make an audio recording of it.

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