Access RN52 via Bluetooth SPP


I am using RN52 breakout board from sparkfun ( I have enabled A2DP and SPP profiles (both discovery mask and connection). I can stream audio from my Windows 7/64bit PC (lenovo T410) to RN52 (firmware v1.16). Windows creates a COMx port for RN52 (an outgoing and an incoming COM port could be seen in the device manager) after pairing. However, I am unable to open the Bluetooth SPP COM port using putty. Windows reports "Unable to open serial port" error when I try to access the SPP COM port using "putty". I have tried the following: -Enabling only SPP profile -Setting baud rate to 9600,8-N-1/115200,8-N-1, Flow control is disabled -Tried a different outgoing COM port for SPP -Enabling/Disabling authentication while pairing -Setting GPIO9 to low

Has anyone encountered a similar problem with RN52? Please let me know if you are are aware of a way to work around this issue or if you have any suggestions.


P.S: I can access RN52 via USB-UART connection using putty.