Access the 32kb flash of a ATmega32u4 via USB Storage


for a tiny project, I would like to access the flash storage (or parts of it) as a USB storage device. I managed to use an arduino micro as a keyboard and/or mouse (USB HID) but had no luck finding out how access it as a USB storage device without adding a microSD card. I want to keep costs as low as possible and I do not want to add a microSD socket or an extranl flash memory via I2C, which would both be subject to errors or failure, if not absolutely necessary.
The storage I need is basically a fat16 volume with a single text file in it (to configure a feature of the HID project) by normal human beeings not familiar with a terminal over serial etc.

Is there any way to do that, to access the Flash storage of the ATMeda32u4 on the Arduino micro and use it as a storage device exposed via USB and at the same time keeping the USB HID functionalities?

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