Access to AT commands of Bluetooth HC-05 module not working

Dear Arduino-fellows,

I have already learned quite a lot about the BL module in my previous thread, where the data didn’t upload to the Android app ‘ArduTooth’. Please look here if you are interested:

Now, I have no problems receiving the data anymore but I am unable to access the configuration via AT commands. I have purchased the module in the attached images from amazon:

Some guys there also had problems accessing the configuration. I have followed this tutorial on how to access the AT commands:

HC-03/05 Embedded Bluetooth Serial Communication Module AT command set Last revised: April, 2011 HC-05 embedded Bluetooth serial communication module (can be short for module) has two work modes: order-response work mode and automatic connection work mode. And there are three work roles (Master, Slave and Loopback) at the automatic connection work mode. When the module is at the automatic connection work mode, it will follow the default way set lastly to transmit the data automatically. When the module is at the order-response work mode, user can send the AT command to the module to set the control parameters and sent control order. The work mode of module can be switched by controlling the module PIN (PIO11) input level. Serial module PINs: 1. PIO8 connects with LED. When the module is power on, LED will flicker. And the flicker style will indicate which work mode is in using since different mode has different flicker time interval. 2. PIO9 connects with LED. It indicates whether the connection is built or not. When the Bluetooth serial is paired, the LED will be turned on. It means the connection is built successfully. 3. PIO11 is the work mode switch. When this PIN port is input high level, the work mode will become order-response work mode. While this PIN port is input low level or suspended in air, the work mode will become automatic connection work mode. 4. The module can be reset if it is re-powered since there is a reset circuit at the module. ===========================Notification ========================== 1. How to get to the AT mode. Way 1: Step 1: Input low level to PIN34. Step 2: Supply power to the module. Step 3: Input high level to the PIN34. Then the module will enter to AT mode. The baud rate is as
same as the communication time, such as 9600 etc. Way 2: Step 1: Connect PIN34 to the power supply PIN. Step 2: Supply power to module (the PIN34 is also supplied with high level since the PIN34 is connected with power supply PIN). Then the module will enter to AT module. But at this time, the baud rate is 38400. In this way, user should change the baud rate at the AT mode, if they forget the communication baud rate.

Please see here:

When I supply Vcc to pin34 and then Vcc to the module, it blinks with 0.5Hz, which should indicate that it goes to AT mode. However, I can not access at mode over the Arduino Serial Monitor (Neither with Baud rate 9600, nor 38400, nor with Carrier return and new line enabled).

I am thinking about purchasing a different bluetooth module just to have a check. I am looking forward to your help! Maybe you can recommend another module (for low energy) or a manual.

Thank you!