Access to SCL & SDA on the Arduino UNO

I working with TI's DRV2605L Haptic Driver to drive an LRA for the project I'm currently working on. Is it possible to access the SCL & SDA pins on the Arduino to interface with the DRV2605L? I know pins A4 & A5 can also be used but am I limited to just those two pins? My goal is to be able to program the DRV2605L using TI's MSP430G2553 microcontroller which is code compatible with Arduino IDE. However, I need to access the DRV2605L via Arduino for testing prior to investing on TI's USB2ANY interface adapter and their DRV2605L LRA Haptic Driver evaluation kit.

A4, A5 are the only harware I2C pins on an Uno, so yes, you must use those.

I2C is a bus, so multiple devices (<=127) with different addresses can connect to the same two pins.

Both Sparkfun and Adafruit carry these breakout boards, and have hookup guides and code for this chip.

There are two more I2C pins on the opposite corner of the UNO. But they are wired to A4 and A5, so they aren't extra addressable pins.

It is possible to use software I2C but that is rarely necessary.