accessing Class array property

I'm trying to learn how these c++/arduino class structures work. (I'm a js/perl/php developer). It's been about 2 decades since I had a c/c++ class, and thus have haven't worked a lot with OOP in them.

I want to set up a class with a property that is a 2 element integer array to store a binary representation of two characters on a 7 element display as a user-friendly id. I figured out last week how to pass an array into a function and think I've even figured out how to use strcpy or memcpy to assign the local property, but I'm stuck on how to get it back out again. Do I have to pass a 2 element array pointer into the accessor and have the class transfer the property contents into it or is there a better way to read out the id array?

I know I can store the characters as two separate values and return them one at a time, but I'm never going to use them just one at a time, so that seems silly. Is there a better way to do this?

I would prefer to be able to assign the result of an accessor to a local array such as:

uint8_t deviceId[2] = MyDevice.getId();
data[0] = display.encodeDigit(i+1);
data[1] = deviceId[0];
data[2] = deviceId[1];
data[3] = MyDevice.getStatusDigit();

... or even access the elements directly somehow, such as:

data = { display.encodeDigit(i+1),[0],[1], MyDevice.getStatusDigit() };

Extra detail on the project (only if needed for reference):

The class I'm trying to build will be used as a companion to a relay sketch to turn power on and off to devices using an ESP8266 over wifi. But I also picked up a TM1637 to display info locally. One of my goals is to reduce the number of pins needed for local control (my initial working version had 4 relays and 4 buttons, one for each relay. I would like to add more relays but the nodemcu I am using is limited on pins. I figured a single, multi-function button [short/long press sorta thing] could allow me to do simple local on/off and status display with just a 4 digit 7-segment display. Thus I figured it might be easier to store all relevant information for any device/relay combination in a pre-defined class. I would like to set one class object for each device/relay combination I connect. One property will be the pin the relay is connected to, another is a two-byte array for the characters to display on digits 2 & 3 of the led. I've also added the Relay code I'm using right in there to handle things like switching and reading back the status, and a 8 element character array to store a friendly name for use over the wifi or serial feedback.

I ultimately need to get the two characters out and assign them to the 2nd and 3rd elements of another array as I will be creating an array of these objects to define stuff connected via relays, and using the array index + 1 as the first digit on the led. In the last position I'm going to symbolize a dip switch by drawing a small circle either in the on or off position. As an example, a device with id of 'id' (yes, I actually have one of those snicker) would translate to an array of { 0b00000100, 0b01011110 } for the id array/property such that when if it was the first defined device in the MyDevice[0] position, the display would show it as "1ido" when off. (just imagine the last 'o' higher for on grins)

If you do not want the array to be public, you could return a reference to the array. This gives you the ability to access the array, or reference the array someplace else:

class Foo{
    int (&getArray())[2]{ 
      return id; 
    int id[2];

void setup() {
  Foo foo;

  //Write to internal array
  foo.getArray()[0] = 4;

  //Read from internal array
  Serial.print( foo.getArray()[0] );

  //Reference the array.
  int (&ref)[2] = foo.getArray();

  //Use referenced array
  ref[0] = 1;

void loop() {}

EDIT: ...Oops, fixed code...