Accessing i2c capsense board on alarm

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I’m after guidance on if this kind of thing is possible, and where to start looking. My main aim is to have an arduino within my alarm control unit which can arm/disarm over GSM. The GSM side of things is fine, it’s going to be the actual manipulation of the device I believe may be more difficult as I’m not sure where to start.

The control unit has 4 physical buttons for up/down/ok/back, but also has a capacitive bank of 14 buttons for the arm/disarm/numpad, so I’m going to need to access that.

I’ve attached a photo of the connections on the board, and I can see some nice clearly labelled i2c connections (INT1,SDA,SCL), and am after some advice around where to start with control whilst keeping existing functionality of the control unit. Take in mind my previous projects have all been on breakout boards where the libraries/wiring has all been handed to me on a plate.

For reference it’s one of the Yale EF alarms.

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