Accessing wifi shield and sensors on a breadboard at the same time

Hello, I'm going to plug a bunch of sensors to my breadboard. I also bought CC3000 WiFi Shield for arduino (to send data from sensors to a server).

the shield uses all available sockets in Arduino. I'll solder my CC3000 shield with stackable headers (so I could plug jumper wires to the sensors on the breadboard). Here is my question: after soldering and plugging/connecting everything, how to access my wifi shield and the sensors programmatically? (I mean for instance, how to read data from sensor, if there's a shield? How to make arduino read the sensor, but not the data from shield?).

I hope you understand what I mean :).


the shield uses all available sockets in Arduino.

Totally WRONG. It uses SPI so thats 4 pins +5 and ground only 1 of these is dedicated to the shield.


PS this a a programming forum and your question has nothing at all to do with programming.


Thank you for the response, it seems I misreaded the descr. :).
sorry I just wanted to know, how to access it programmatically, so I put it to the programming forum :).