Accessory for squeezing a spray bottle repeatedly?

What might my options be for accessories that can manage squeezing a spray bottle repeatedly? I’ve seen the robot clamps and they seem a little precarious for the task. I’m working on a project that will (fingers crossed) help keep my cats from places they shouldn’t be by detecting their presence with a motion detector and spraying them with water.

Really appreciate any suggestions I can get.

How will you point the spray bottle at the cat?

If the cat is already in the spray mechanism's "line of fire", a small electric pump would be a lot easier to activate.

How will you point the spray bottle at the cat?

That's the other function of that robot hand of course! Just like a human. Extend arm, aim bottle, squeeze.

Have you considered other methods of deterrent such as an ultrasonic sounder which may be easier to implement?

You can even use that system on teenagers!
[Teenage Dispersal System.]( dispersal.htm?gclid=CjwKCAjwpfzOBRA5EiwAU0ccN7FX38b7mlcME6N0F9CQFqKx-GdxiiA9gsjA1kKPPHezlO00HRF68hoCIbMQAvD_BwE)

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