Accidentally hooked up 5 v to my 12-36v port on cnc shield

I accidentally hooked up 5v to my arduino cnc shields 12-36v power port and tried to run it repeatedly, waiting on new driver modules but did i maybe mess up my shield with the 5v?? and could the 5v be the reason im replacing driver modules? thanks

Supplying 5V to a circuit that needs 12-36V is very unlikely to do any damage as long as the polarity was correct

could the 5v be the reason im replacing driver modules?

I have no idea why you are replacing the modules. How do you know that they are bad?

Did you try the driver modules with 12V? The common A4988 or DRV8825 modules will not work at all with 5V to the motor supply terminals. They need at least 8V.

thanks. must have accidentally unplugged my steppers while i had power to my shield then. thank you

i hooked up 24 v to it and its not working on either axis, it worked on 1 axis half-ass like then just choked. im kind of a dumbass and kinda new to this stuff so im bound to burn up lots of stuff by default :stuck_out_tongue:

i have both types of modules on the way which would you suggest and is there any hangups i might run into switching from the 4988s to the 8825s?

I have used both kinds and don't see any real difference except the max coil current capability and micostepping. The DRV8825 modules go to x32 while the A4988 only do x16. Make sure of the proper orientation of the modules when plugging them into the CNC shield. They really are interchangeable keeping in mind the orientation and coil current difference.

In either case, make sure that you properly set the coil current on the drivers. I use the instructions on the Pololu site (DRV8825) (A4988). Make sure that the correct values of the sense resistors are known and plugged into the formulas.

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