Accidentally set Notepad as default program for .h and .ccp files


Opened a .h file in Notepad and now all .h files and .ccp files are set to automatically open with Notepad. Doesn't seem to be a problem when compiling code but I'd rather have it as it was before to avoid problems in the future. Is there a way to reset this so that .h files and .ccp files go back to how they were before?

Does this matter or can i ignore it?


Google: windows file associations

It sounds like you're using Windows.

  • Right click on a .h or .cpp file.
  • Click "Open With"
  • Select "choose another app"
  • Check "Always use this app..."
  • Select the program you want to use to open that file type by default
  • Click "OK"

The instructions will be a little different depending on Windows version (that was Windows 10) but it will be basically the same.

And no, it would make absolutely no difference for compiling code. I have no idea how it was before but you are welcome to ignore it. Notepad is a really bad text editor for code. I recommend you to get a text editor that is safe for programming and associate that program with .h, .cpp, and any other source code files that you don't already have a specific program to work with. I like Notepad++ but there are plenty other excellent options.

Thanks for the tip and the quick reply. Problem is i don't know wich app the .h and .ccp files had as default before.

They probably weren’t associated with any program before.

Hi Pert,

alright great! Thank you, I'll get Notepad++ then. Yeah, the icon for .h and .ccp was just a blank one before. Looked like a file with no particular app chosen. But good to know it probalby doesn't matter that much except for the fact that a more reliable text editor is a good idea.