Accidentally used 5V logic for 3.3V for TFT

I have this:

I connected all of the digital pins on 5V logic. Later realizing that doing that is not compatible. I connected the backlist on 3.3v but didn't know that the Arduino 2560 outputted 5v logic

Would that fry the controller?


You have to admire Sainsmart.

They say:

.We will supply you the technical support after your purchase.

They make no mention of the fact that you need an "Adapter shield" with a Due or a Mega2560.

They manufacture these Adapters. Then supply them with jumpers soldered in the wrong configuration.

Yes, you might have damaged the SSD1963 controller. With luck it has survived but probably with a shorter life expectancy. It is definitely wise to stop 5V logic and buy the correct Adapter. Check the Adapter before connecting everything.


You think I can return it, damaged like that? I probably had it there for about 5+ minutes in total trying all of the defined modules from UTFT.h.

What's more, is that the shield isn't even available from Microcenter.

You have to buy an adapter. Your screen has a 20x2 header. The Mega2560 has a 18x2 female socket. God made males and females to mate together naturally. i.e. if it does not fit, it won't work.

Your display is probably undamaged. Wait till your Adapter arrives.
If it does not work, then I would complain. And ask for your money back.

After all, they have deliberately tried to deceive you.


Despite the horrid reviews, this should work, right?

Or here is an idea........ Buy a REAL CTE shield from CTE and save $2.01 in the process.........