Accidently fried an ESP32

I was careless enough to accidently connect the 3.3V pin of the esp to a 12V power supply. Why? Well I have two power rails in my breadboard, a 12V rail and a 3.3V rail. I should have put a label on them so as to not confuse them, but well....

When this happened, the following ic smoked

I'm wondering if the thing is reparable, or is it not worth the hassle? Also, since the 3.3V pin goes to ESP wroom chip, maybe that got damaged as well. If that's the case, then the whole thing is not savable right?

It's not worth it. Grab another one on Aliexpress for $3.

If you have the surface mount skills you could replace the component and then find that the ESP32 itself is fried.

Myself, I would not bother.

Just as I thought. Thanks!

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