Accuracy of inbuild reference voltage


I am looking for the accuracy of the inbuild reference voltage but perhaps overseen it in the datasheet of the 4809. Does anybody know if it is better than with the older ATMEGA?

For external reference is it better to use an external break out board with LM4040 or to add it directly on the board? Like to use a LM4040DIZ-4.1 and solder it directly but cannot find it in Germany. Is there a similar alternative??


perhaps overseen it in the datasheet of the 4809

I think the "electrical characteristics" data are buried in the individual device data sheets, rather than the "MegavAVR 0 Series family data sheet."
The DS for the 40pin 4809 says +/- 3% for 0C-105C, to +/-5% over the full -40 - +125C range. :frowning:

Ok, thanks. Thats a little worse for my application.

Do you know an alternative for LM4040. Have 5V (Arduino out) and 12V (PIn) available. My target voltage is something arount 4V.