Accurate (0.1mm) wireless distance measurement - New to Arduino

Firstly, Hi guys! My first post here so hopefully don't make a fool of myself.

Looking to start to learn Arduino to complete an end product. I do have some experience with Arduino as I fly multirotors and have used the Arduino-based MultiWii controllers, however that is just editing switches and uploading sketches, no coding at all! I work as an IT systems engineer so will have a little bit of intuition I can apply as well as soldering skills for the hardware side, it's just the concept and coding language I am lacking!

I would like to create a project that can detect a passing 1/10 RC drift car and measure it's distance from a reference point and display the closest measurement from that pass and show it on a screen.

Completely open on ideas of how to do it but would like to keep it as compact as possible. As this is a learning curve for me I understand I'm not going to do it all at once and will tackle it in smaller projects learning each part of what needs to be done.

I'm thinking an Ardunio Nano would be best for this and was also thinking a Sonar module, however after come research I read they don't really have any accuracy past 1cm.

Many thanks in advance!

Unless you have a LOT of money, your criteria is going to be hard to meet.
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You might check out THIS post.

Sounds like sonar will be the closest you will get.

Let’s see - 343 metres per second, so 343 millimetres per millisecond or 0.34 mm per microsecond.

Given that the period of the ultrasonic “ping” is of the order of 25 ms, then less than a cm is about the best you will get.

raschemmel’s suggestion might just be a possibility at very close range.

Hi, I would agree with raschemmel.
A laser device would be the device to use, for accuracy, repeatablility, speed (not of the controller but the target), the very small contact area required.

The resolution is with these devices is easily possible, the only problem is cost.

SICK also make a range of devices, but cost.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

Given that the period of the ultrasonic "ping" is of the order of 25 ms, then less than a cm is about the best you will get.

Typically, the pings are around eight cycles long, so 8 / 40000 = 0.2ms (200us).
The transmitter will usually ring for a while after being driven, but nothing like 25ms.

No, I meant the period, not the burst - and obviously I really meant 25 µs.

Accurate (0.1mm) wireless distance measurement

Generally speaking, probably not going to happen on a hobby budget.

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And that'll work for an R/C car?