Accurate single-point proximity sensor under IR influence

Hi, I'm working on a project that needs to use some sort of proximity sensor, I've used basic IR distance sensors and ultrasonic sensors before, however for this project I don't think it'll work.

I need a sensor that can be accurate within 1mm difference(my range is about 10-30cm), and that it has to read the distance of a single-point. Other than that, there will be an IR heat lamp heating the object which I am trying to get its distance at the same time.

My current guess is that the IR distance sensors that I used to use will be completely useless under the IR influence, and the ultrasonic sensor, will probably have too much scatter, to get an accurate reading of a single point.

I'm currently looking at HRLV-MaxSonar®-EZ4 and cheap laser range finders, but I'm not really convinced that they would get the work done.

Is there a sensor, or a way to make it possible?

laser sensors - not cheap but accurate.

e.g. - - -

Wow these really are expensive. I'll take a look at them.


ebay might be cheaper :wink:

While searching around I found some industrial grade laser distance sensors, such as Keyence, Omron, and SICK.

Although they are really expensive, but they seem to do the job. However, I wont buy them until I've done enough research on how to use them, because I don't want to drop a couple hundred dollars on something I don't know how to use.

The ones I found so far are these:

Actually I'm not even sure if these give out an on/off or a measurement, and I can't seem to find any tutorials/examples of people using it with Arduino.