Achieve Door Buzzer sound effect with Arduino

Hello guys

How do I achieve this sound effect with arduino?

Which electronic part can make this sound?

Thank you

The Arduino makes square waves which sort-of sound like that.*

The frequency is too low for a piezo buzzer so you'll need a speaker & amplifier (or amplified computer speakers, etc.). If you can easily hook-up a speaker, try the tone() function at around 200-300Hz (that's just a guess).

If you don't have a speaker/amplifier handy, you can generate square waves with [u]Audacity[/u] that you can play on your computer. You can experiment with different frequencies and if you get a sound you like the Arduino can generate the same square wave.

Or if that doesn't get you a sound you like, you can use an [u]audio shield[/u] to play any sound you like from a file on an SDcard

  • I didn't get a good-listen 'cause I'm at work.

it's called a buzzer. bypass the Arduino and just get a buzzer.

Can you provide a link to such component please?

What you hear in the video is a speaker connected to 50 Hz AC (transformer directly linked to the low-voltage side, dorbell switch on the high voltage side), where the low-voltage is too high for the speaker (staurated). A sqare wave sounds about the same, but slightly different.

Go to eBay and search buzzer .

radio shack has more than I care to count
eBay has 6,453 listings
you are not trying

It is not that I'm not trying it is that search of buzzer in ebay returns only piezo buzzers or active / pussive buzzers which i already have and cannot get to this sound as DVDdough stated

So a link to a specific product will be very useful