Achieving given number of Revolutions set by the User

Hii All.. I am completely new in this area. I need to develop a small system (motor) which will rotate the given number of revolutions set by the user and then stop. The user is a layman and non technical person what he understands is no of revolutions. so that is the thing that matters is the Revolutions.

abhipatabhi: I need to develop a small system (motor)

You have to develop the motor?

Or you have the motor and have to develop a control system for it?

What sort of motor? How big? What load will it be turning? What range of revolutions, 1-10? 1-10,000,000?


And how do you propose the detect the revolutions so that you can count them?

It will be a great deal easier to give useful advice if you describe the project you are trying to implement rather than just telling us about a small part of it.