acoustic tracking camera

in this project i have to design a linear microphone array whose overall directivity is determined by a beamforming algorithm. The array will localize the largest amplitude voice in a room, in one horizontal plane, in a 180° area in front of the array. The array will control a video camera which will be automatically aimed to the location of the sound and which will be able to track the sound if it moves within the specific range of the array. I would like to know if this could be done using arduino?

It can, of course, be done.
U'll have to build amplifiers for the mics, then rectify the outputs -> analog input(s)
Software read analog inputs - decide the greater value and turn a servo ..

Sound source localization has been done on an Arduino for a pure tone, but for voice would be a completely different challenge, and probably not possible.,125860.0.html

a cone may be added to each mic to make them less sensitive to sound from the 'wrong' direction..

The first thing the OP needs to do is see if he/she can make a single directional microphone with an output that can be used by an arduino.