acquire analog pressure from water pressure sensor

Hi, I need to acquire an analog input from a water pressure sensor:

What kind of connection must I achieve to acquire that signal? Do I need a pull-down resistor to GND connected to Arduino analog input?

From the ad:

Pressure range :0-1.2 MPa

Connect red to 5V, black to ground, yellow direct to a 5V capable analog input, no pull up or down. Can’t be much easier.

const unsigned long MIN_PRESSURE = 0UL;
const unsigned long MAX_PRESSURE = 1200000UL;  // 1.2 MPa
const int MIN_READING = 0;
const int MAX_READING = 1024 * 4.5 / 5;  // Reading for 4.5V

// Assuming the data output of the sensor is connected to A0:
unsigned long pressure_in_Pascals = map(analogRead(A0), MIN_READING, MAX_READING, MIN_PRESSURE, MAX_PRESSURE);